Saturday morning v-TABATA brought to you by Steadfast Runners Northeast!

On behalf of SR NE IC Sophie Tay (:

Good morning Volunteers! Hope everyone is doing well ?
It’s 04 Jul 20 – 14th week of our vTabata.

We came a long way since circuit breaker and we would like to thank everyone for the continuous support in this journey of keeping fit and healthy together!
As we are currently in phase 2 and social gatherings are now permitted to maximum 5 pax, the NEast will be resuming our weekly Saturday runs, whilst practicing the necessary safe distancing measures and keeping the functional groups (FGs) to a maximum of 5 pax.

However, sign-ups are required for the session so that it will be easier for the ICs to coordinate the different FGs. The deadline for the registration would be 10 Jul 20, 2000H.

Late registrations will not be accepted.

The sign up link:

And fret not! The vTabata sessions will continue to be hosted on the same platform @ 8am so that you will still be able to workout at the comfort of your home.

If you have any queries, feel free to approach any of the NEast ICs!

Have a good weekend everyone and hope to you next week!