Stage 2 of SRVC Challenge

You would have received an invite from the SRVC Runkeeper admin soon for those who have joined Stage 1!
For those who want to join, please continue to read:

A. Challenge Mechanics: (Stage 2)

– Join the Steadfast Runners Runkeeper Challenge

– You will need to do a 3 x exercise session a week, for 8 weeks

– You may complete the challenges either by Walking/Running/Treadmill Running/Cycling or vTabata

– To clock in vTabata and Cycling session, create a MANUAL RUN activity on the App, and clock in the 2.4km at 9/min/km(for vTabata), and actual distance and time for Cycling.

– We will communicate IN-APP via RunKeeper App.

– Join other Fitness Initiatives that will be launched by our #ForSVbySV partners to complement your runs!

  • Sunrise Tabata (via Alex)
  • SV Dragons Fitness Challenge (contact any of the IC’s or member of the DB Committee)

B. Challenges (40 weeks, ends on 4th Jan 2021). Specific Challenges per stage will be revealed IN-APP!

– Stage 1: Warm Up, (30/3 – 25/5)-

-Stage 2: Gear up (26/5 -7/21)

– Stage 3: TBA (Intermediate)

– Stage 4: TBA (Advanced)

– Stage 5: TBA (Garang)

C. For technical support, please join the SRVC Helpdesk (Reach out to your IC’s for the link)

Join us and together, let us make strengthen one another in this difficult time!

May you always be Steadfast and Vigilant!