AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Strengthening your muscles to prep for AHM 21

On behalf of SR IC Anthony

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Strength and Physio for AHM by Liew Yee Ching (PhysioX)

In the 2nd talk of our AHM21 Prep series brought to you by Steadfast Runners, we will be focusing on Physiotherapy and Strengthening of your muscles! How fast can you safely increase running mileage? What is the recommended work-rest cycle for such a long run? What are some muscle groups we can strengthen to improve our long-distance running performance? Have these questions and more answered at this talk given by Ms Liew Yee Ching, physiotherapist @ PhysioX.

When: 23 Oct (Sat), 10am
Register by clicking on this link
REGISTRATION ENDS: 21 Oct (Thursday)