Steadfast Runners Strava Club for AHM 21

As we all prepare for AHM 21, do join the Steadfast Runners Strava Club to gain first-hand access to our AHM planned training prep programs and Games and encourage your fellow SVs to train by uploading your training efforts and pictures!

Upload all your training records and selfies in the SAFVC FB Page, Steadfast Runners FB Page, and Steadfast Runners WA and Strava Club with #SAFVCAHM21 and #SteadfastRunner and we will pick the most creative, engaging, consistent and encouraging SV at the end of AHM 21 campaign to be recognized!

All SVs are welcome to join! Scan the QR code above or click on this link:

On behalf of Steadfast Runners,

PS. We are also fans of the Squid Game