Buddy Run Project!

On behalf of SR Central IC Stephanie.

Grab a buddy! Get out and run. Or walk. Or just get active! That promise to meet someone increases the likelihood you’ll get out.

If we want to start a list of runners looking for a buddy, we can do so via our WhatsApp group. Otherwise just PM your favourite SV and get running! (:

vWorkout brought to you by Steadfast Runners TPY!

On behalf of SR TPY IC Sukriti

Date: 30th September

Hey Volunteers!

Celebrating the wrap up of our 6 months virtual-workout-journey with a Happy Dance 💃🏻 !

Dancing can be an intense workout that burns major calories and builds muscle.

For a twist, our usual workout squats, shoulder taps and lunges were mixed with moves out of the North Indian Punjabi Folk Dance, Bhangra!

If you’ve ever seen a Bhangra performance or taken a Bhangra dance class, you’ll know how energetic this dance style is. With its high kicks and wide squats, it’s almost like Bhangra was made to be a workout!

The music gets you excited about moving and the moves generally involve high impact hops, which drive the heart rate up in no time!

Social distancing, self-quarantining, and staying at home has made it harder to exercise. But through the routines SR@TPY hopes to have given you ideas to stay active and healthy at the comfort of your own homes!

Thanks to everyone who walked with us through this journey of trying multitudes of workouts catered to sweating out at home 🙂

Special thanks to my co-host Wan Lijia Jennifer for being a sport – always!

Until next time, Stay Home, Stay Safe, stay Active, Stay Healthy!

Running First Aid Tidbit #3 – Heat Injuries

Equip yourself with bite-size first aid tips for common conditions you may face while running in this First Aid Tidbit Series.

The following articles gives us more information on how to prevent heat injuries, recognize heat related emergencies and the subsequent first aid measures to perform.

Click on the following links below to find out more:
1. Hydration issues in sports
2. Heat Related Emergencies
3. 6 Tips for Athletes to Prevent Heat Injury
4. Symptoms and Signs of Heatstroke

Keep fit while staying safe! (:

P.S Our local ambulance/SCDF number is 995, not 911 😛

vTABATA brought to you by Steadfast Runners TPY!

🗓 : 19 Aug 2020
💪🏼: “Full Body Hustle”

Brought to you by Steadfast Runners Toa Payoh

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”

“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it”

Thanks folks for always showing up and motivating each other with your discipline. Brought us to do a minute-n-a-half burpees!
Well done!

Come and join us every Wednesday to get stronger together!

Buddy Run Project!

On behalf of SR IC Stephanie

Hi All – let’s GRAB A BUDDY AND RUN!

The Buddy Run Project is where you look for someone to run with – to make a commitment to show up and run. That promise can be an incentive to get us off our backsides and reconnect through a run.

Whether it’s for a single run, or a regular thing – let’s get some buddy runs going.

To sign up, check out our Steadfast Runners’ Whatsapp group for buddy list and location (:

Lets continue to stay fit together!