Injury Prevention in Exercise

Are you an experienced runner? Or have you been trying different types of exercises lately given our more home bound circumstances in this season? Regardless of where you are in your exercise journey, it is always important to learn how to exercise safely to prevent injuries and maximize your enjoyment and yield.

For this year’s Physiotherapy Day on 18th Sept 2021, SKH Physiotherapy Department has organized 3 exciting webinars, including one on ‘Injury Prevention in Exercise’.

There’s also something for everyone – from children to seniors as they also cover topics on how to engage your children in physical activities and how to reduce falls in the elderly.

The webinar is free and is available for all members of the public. Kindly refer to the posters above for more information on each webinar if you are interested! You may register by scanning the QR codes or clicking on the links below:

No pain, no gain – Injury prevention in exercise:
Stay on your feet – Preventing falls in the elderly:
Captain Movel, The Fitness Avenger:

Stay safe while keeping fit (:


On behalf of SR Plassey Krishna

ALERTATHON 2021 is around the corner and we would love for you to be a part of this noble cause of saving lives! All you have to do is register for the event and run, walk or ride for any distance, anywhere at any time on the 11th and 12th September 2021.

What’s more? This event is for charity and all the funds raised during ALERTATHON will be going for the cause of #savinglives by ALERT NGO.

I’m happy to play my part! Please join me to support of this noble cause and spread awareness. You may register here at


Army Half Marathon 2021 (virtual)

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The 27th edition of SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon will return this November as a virtual event. Check out the different race categories you can participate in for just a minimum fee.

Registration opens now till 3rd Oct.
Find out more here!

Stay active (:

Recycle your old sports shoes!

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Have old sports shoes that you want to dispose of? Why not recycle them instead!

Find out more here:
1) From July 5, public can donate sports shoes for recycling at 100 collection points in S’pore
2) SportSG, Dow tie-up aims to recycle 170,000 used pairs of sports shoes a year into jogging tracks, playgrounds


Running and Hiking Trails in Singapore


Looking for new ideas on where to run now that stadiums are closed? Tired of going around in circles around your own neighborhood midway into Phase 2 (HA)? Keen to explore our own island nation since we are all grounded and travel deprived for the past year?

Get some ideas in the articles below:

  1. Running trails in Singapore: Lush parks, breezy beaches and scenic sights
  2. 10 Scenic running routes in Singapore that won’t bore fitness enthusiasts
  3. Going hiking in Singapore? Here are the best nature trails to trek across the island

Remember to mask up before and after you complete your strenuous physical activity and maintain safe distancing and small group sizes. Do your part to flatten the curve!

Exercising During Ramadan

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​Ramadan fasting shouldn’t stop you from being active. Dr Fadzil Hamzah, Senior Staff Registrar, Department of Sport and Exercise Medicine at Changi General Hospital (CGH), shares the benefits of continuing to be active during the fasting month. Find out more in the link below

1. Exercising During Ramadan


Spin induced rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis is a condition characterized by muscle breakdown and the release of the byproducts into our blood circulation. In severe cases, it is associated with electrolyte imbalances and kidney failure.

With the resumption of many face to face exercise classes now that the pandemic has eased a little and an increase in popularity of various exercises such as HIIT, Barre, Yoga and Spin, we are seeing increasing number of cases of otherwise healthy adults presenting to the hospitals for rhabdomyolysis following their first try at Spin classes. This is often seen in fit individuals who do other forms of exercise regularly and is not confined to unfit.

Here’s are 2 articles to give us a brief overview of this condition:
1) Why intense workouts are leading to a life-threatening condition
2) I Got Rhabdo After Spin Class’: What You Need To Know About This Woman’s Story

Do be mindful and pace yourselves when you try out new forms of exercises that you may not be familiar with. Don’t ‘chiong’ many many classes just to get your money’s worth out of duration based trial packages at the expense of your body giving way. Listen to your body at all times. Remember the importance of warm up exercise and re-hydration even when we don’t have commanders ordering us to half water bottle drink up!

Stay safe and don’t let things spin out of control!