Running Route – Jurong

Meeting Point: Jurong Lake Gardens entrance, opposite Yuan Ching Secondary School

Route Length: 5kms

Nearest Carpark: Next to the Gardens entrance.

Vending machines and Water coolers are available for a refill along the route.

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Fuelling for Fitness

On behalf of SR IC Anthony

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Fuelling for Fitness by Ms. Debbie Thong, Clinical Dietitian

The final talk brought to you by Steadfast Runners for AHM 21 will be focusing on Diet and Nutrition for Running! This talk will cover topics such as the best food for your race day and how a good diet plays a good part when running long distances. It will be conducted by Ms Debbie Thong who is a clinical dietitian. Do register as seats are limited ASAP!

When: 23 Oct (Sat), 10:30am
Register by clicking on this link

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Strengthening your muscles to prep for AHM 21

On behalf of SR IC Anthony

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – Strength and Physio for AHM by Liew Yee Ching (PhysioX)

In the 2nd talk of our AHM21 Prep series brought to you by Steadfast Runners, we will be focusing on Physiotherapy and Strengthening of your muscles! How fast can you safely increase running mileage? What is the recommended work-rest cycle for such a long run? What are some muscle groups we can strengthen to improve our long-distance running performance? Have these questions and more answered at this talk given by Ms Liew Yee Ching, physiotherapist @ PhysioX.

When: 23 Oct (Sat), 10am
Register by clicking on this link
REGISTRATION ENDS: 21 Oct (Thursday)

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – RACE DAY READY by HIIT ME

On behalf of SR IC Anthony

AHM21 Prep Talk Series – RACE DAY READY by HIIT ME SG

As you prepare for your AHM Race day journey, we have organized a series of talks for you! The very first talk will be on next Saturday, 16 Oct 2021 at 10am

Titled RACE DAY READY, this talk conducted by Kelvin Lau, certified personal trainer: American Council on Exercise will cover strength and conditioning for runners.
Whether you’re running your first race or are a seasoned runner, you can become a stronger runner by incorporating training that will improve your overall strength and conditioning.

Register by clicking on this link


Want to try HITT sessions by HIIT ME SG?

Join the OUTDOOR HIIT sessions by HIIT ME with 25% discount by entering the code: SnV on the HIIT ME’s eventbrite page at:
Limited slots available!! (:

Steadfast Runners Strava Club for AHM 21

As we all prepare for AHM 21, do join the Steadfast Runners Strava Club to gain first-hand access to our AHM planned training prep programs and Games and encourage your fellow SVs to train by uploading your training efforts and pictures!

Upload all your training records and selfies in the SAFVC FB Page, Steadfast Runners FB Page, and Steadfast Runners WA and Strava Club with #SAFVCAHM21 and #SteadfastRunner and we will pick the most creative, engaging, consistent and encouraging SV at the end of AHM 21 campaign to be recognized!

All SVs are welcome to join! Scan the QR code above or click on this link:

On behalf of Steadfast Runners,

PS. We are also fans of the Squid Game

Steadfast Runners AHM 2021 Campaign

Dear SVs,

On behalf of SR IC Anthony

AHM 2021 (Virtual Edition) will start on Nov 1-28 in which you can begin to log out your runs to meet the requirements.

Steadfast Runners has been working hard behind the scenes to come up with programs to support and encourage everyone to complete your distance signed up.

Over the next few days we will share more about our upcoming plans. There will be challenges, vTabatas, talks, and more.

Watch out for this space for updates. Please support us in getting your buddies up and active!

For now as you begin your training, do check out our AHM 2021 Spotify Playlist as you being to work out!

On your mobile this, please click this link: OR Scan the QR Code in this EDM.