Tips for exercising at home

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The pre-enlistment vTABATA might have ended but your journey of exercising at home can continue. Here are some tips on how to maximize your home exercise experience in a safe and effective manner (:

Check out the articles below:
1) Safety Tips for Exercising at Home
2) Exercising at Home: Workout Essentials and Tips to Stay Safe
3) Exercise at Home: 4 Household Items To Use As Workout Equipment
4) 15 at home exercise routines


Final Pre-enlistment vTABATA for 1/21

Dear SVs,

On behalf of the Steadfast Runner IC’s, we want to wish everyone a Prosperous Lunar New Year!

As part of the final training session for our 1/21 SVs, we would like to invite you to join us in our Lunar New year vTabata together with the 1/21’s!

Details for the session are as follows:
Date: 20 Feb 2021, Saturday
Time: 0800-0830
Mode: via Zoom (link available on the SR whatsapp groups and 1/21 FB Group)

We will be running this weekend’s planned session with our Commander SAFVC, and HQ SAFVC Staff! We are hoping to have maximum participation, and due to safe distancing and participation limitations of a F2F (Face to Face) run, this is only possible in the virtual format. This change will allow you to join from the comfort of your home while ensuring your safety as well.

Let’s get together for a good workout together to help work off some of that festive munching, More details can be found on the 1/21 FB group for 1/21 enlistees and the various SR Runner’s whatsapp groups for existing SVs.

Hope to see you all!! (:

Running plans for this festive season

As we come to the end of 2020 and hit our year end festivities, exercise may become increasingly important for some to work off the extra calories from all that feasting. Afterall, not all of us are okay with looking like Santa Claus 😛

Here are some ideas to plan your workout this Christmas season:
1) The Simplest Running Plan Christmas
2) The 12 Workouts of Christmas
3) 5 Reasons to Exercise on Christmas Day

Whatever your personal workout plan is, we sure hope you will sleigh it!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas from the Steadfast Runners’ Team (:

Our Army Family Run

In celebration of Army55, we are currently in the middle of the 55,000km Our Army Family Run event.

Here are some photos of your fellow SVs from the Steadfast Runners IC team in action!

It’s not too late to sign up now if you haven’t done so! You can find more details here:

Do remember to give your support and vote for TeamSV in the Army55 Formation Fitness Challenge as well via

Don’t say BOJIO!

Running First Aid Tidbit #4 – An Approach to Side Stitches


Equip yourself with bite-size first aid tips for common conditions you may face while running in this First Aid Tidbit Series.

The following articles gives us more information on a common condition that one might experience during running – side stitches. Learning more about some of the theories behind what causes them and how to manage them during your run.

Click on the following links below to find out more:
1. Causes of Side Stitches During Exercise
2. Dealing With Side Stitch Pain While Running
3. 12 Tips To Avoid A Side Stitch When Running

Keep fit while staying safe! (:

Yes, you can be a runner and donate blood too

Seen the SV Red Dragons’ post about the upcoming blood donation drive and wonder if it will affect your exercise routine?

Learn about the impact of blood donation on your exercise and strategies to juggle both in the articles below:
1) Fitness: Yes, you can be a runner and donate blood
2) 7 Strategies for Giving Blood While Running and Racing

So what are you waiting for! Join the SV Red Dragons at the upcoming blood donation drive.

Give Blood, Save Lives (:

Balancing social distancing needs with the desire to have a running buddy

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Oh behalf of SR IC Stephanie Krishnan!

What do you do when you need a running buddy and want to maintain adequate social-distancing?

Find out more in this article – Ghost Pacer Headset Offers Runners Their Own Holographic Training Partner

Stay fit and keep pace!

Running versus Cycling – is one superior to the other?

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Cycling and running are two popular activities people engage in to get a solid cardio workout. Is one superior to the other?

Find out more about the pros and cons of each sport and how the two sports fare when compared to each other in the articles below:
1) What Are the Benefits of Cycling vs. Running?
2) Biking vs Running- ​​Choose the most Effective sport based on your objectives
3) How Biking Can Make You Run Faster

And in case you wanted to pull swimming into the picture, here’s a little nugget for you to dive into:
1) Which Is a Better Workout: Running, Swimming or Cycling?

Like all other things in life, the key is moderation. Pace yourself in whatever sport you do and stop contributing to spin-induced rhabdomyolysis!

Stay safe will keeping fit!


On behalf of Steadfast Runner Anna!

I am contribute my part to society by raising funds for the “Kidney Dialysis Foundation” patients by cycling 400km on 31 October & 1 November 2020. Feels free to supports me by donating to them.

Donating is really simple and secure. The money will directly go to Kidney Dialysis Foundation.

” Giving is the GREATEST act of GRACE”

Today I make a first step to contribute my part to society by raising funds for patients under the “Kidney Dialysis Foundation” by cycling 400km on 31 October & 1 November 2020 with 60 locals & foreign cyclists from EPIC Cyclist group in a bid to raise $350,000 for low-income dialysis patients.

It’s going to be grueling, physically and mentally to cycle under intensive heat (I hate being under the sun if you know me), in the rain maybe (I don’t usually ride during wet days). However, this is nothing compared to the journey of less fortunate kidney patients in terms of their physical and mental suffering in their battle with kidney failure. Your donations will make a BIG difference to the patients of KDF.

Once again, my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your donation to KDF patients, and support for my action.

“Your GREATNESS is not what you have, It’s what you GIVE.”

~About KDF~
The Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) is a non-profit charitable organisation, established in February 1996 by Dr Gordon Ku, a kidney specialist. KDF provides subsidised dialysis treatment to needy members of our community so that these patients will not be deprived of treatment due to financial difficulties. It also supports research for a cure for kidney diseases. Patients needing treatment from KDF are referred by the medical social workers in the restructured hospitals. A holistic approach is taken when caring for patients as it is KDF’s mission to look after the well-being of patients by nurturing hope and confidence to make life more meaningful, even for the most destitute. With the commitment to provide high quality, low cost treatment to patients who are unable to afford treatment KDF has with the support of donors and sponsors, set up a few centres to care for its patients. To date, KDF has served over 849 patients of which 79 have gained a new lease of life through a kidney transplant. It is currently serving about 266 patients and annually, at least $8 million is needed for the organisation’s operation cost.

Click on this link to find out more!

Thank you very much🙏